Fresh Berry Tart

This berry tart is fantastic!  A tasty, crumbly nut crust, cashew date cream and fresh berries.  That’s it!  Its quick, easy and makes a great dinner party or potluck dessert with plenty of “WOW!” factor.  Want to take it to the next level?  A vegan lemon curd beneath the berries would be out of this… Continue reading Fresh Berry Tart

Oatmeal Chocolate Cherry Pecan Cookies

Holy cow are these cookies good!  If you love lots of chocolatey-oaty, sweet and crunchy goodness then this is the cookie for you.  It is also a great back-to-school treat you can share with the kids, without any guilt since the only things these little gems lack are eggs, butter, oil and soy.  To make… Continue reading Oatmeal Chocolate Cherry Pecan Cookies

Creamy, delicious brown rice pudding!

I was so excited when we came up with this recipe today, I couldn’t wait to share it with you!  We eat oatmeal around here for breakfast almost daily.  This rice pudding makes a great warm breakfast cereal for a little change of pace.  You can also serve it cool, or even as a dessert.… Continue reading Creamy, delicious brown rice pudding!

Chocolate Banana Macaroons

  These are so yummy!  As you can tell, my daughter couldn’t resist the temptation when she saw them out, while I took pictures for this post.  They are so easy you can whip up a batch just on whim, if you like. If you celebrate Passover, then you’ll definitely want to save this recipe… Continue reading Chocolate Banana Macaroons

Mediterranean Holiday Salad

Again, here is a quick, easy and beautiful dish for the holidays.  What says Christmas like a red and green salad!  And it’s so simple!   INGREDIENTS: 1 pint cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters (or 4-5 Roma tomatoes, diced) 2 Persian cucumbers (the little skinny ones, about 4-6 inches long), diced salt and pepper to… Continue reading Mediterranean Holiday Salad

Holiday Hummus

Introducing the perfect holiday appetizer!  It is quick and easy, yet elegant and a definite crowd pleaser.  Slice up some whole wheat pita bread to go with it and you are set to go!  I learned this recipe from our good friend, and amazing martial arts instructor, Hezi Sheli.  To learn more about his classes… Continue reading Holiday Hummus

Confetti Salad

  They say we need to “eat the rainbow” everyday.  Getting the full spectrum of colorful fruits and veggies into your diet daily will help increase and insure your intake of a variety of phytochemicals and nutrients our bodies need to perform optimally. Well, this salad will definitely send you on your way over the… Continue reading Confetti Salad