Be happy!

This post by Gabi at Cooking Without Limits is spot on. Slow down, enjoy life, be a good person. Definitely a recipe for increasing your happiness. BTW, Gabi is also an amazing food photographer and has some great recipes on her blog too. Thank you, Gabi!

Cooking Without Limits

Stop for a minute. Enjoy life! I see all around me people rushing all the time. Even for small things, shopping and walking they are rushing. Why? Live the moment! Shops will be there tomorrow. We got so caught in our life that we forget to actually enjoy it.

Take 5 – 10 minutes every day and just relax. Find a corner in the garden or house and have 5 minutes of silence. Close your eyes and dream. Go to your happy place, if you have one or build a happy place right there.

We are different, so what makes me happy maybe is not for you. Read, run, play or just stay on a chair with closed eyes. You know better.

Why? Life is so short. You realize after so many years that you forgot to live the present. Be a good person. It will make you feel better…

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